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 Exp farming thing

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PostSubject: Exp farming thing   Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:17 am

I just found out about Perry's nifty little exp farmer and I worked on it a bit, here's how it goes:

Sit and talk to people on either floor of the trap for about 2-5 minutes (you must be close to the Mob Spawner to make it spawn Mobs) and there will be a carp load of ZOMBAAAYS waiting to be slayed!
Going back and forth whilst slashing at them with the stone swords in the chest, they will die.
There is a little break in the gate you can walk up to, stand there for a couple of seconds and reap your exp!

What I did:

I made the chamber that let the ZOMBAAAYS in bigger, thus creating room for hundreds of ZOMBAAAYS.

Added a ton of stone swords into the large chest on the first floor and in the smaller chest on the ZOMBAAAAY chamber floor.

What to not forget:

Bring a lot of food! I learned this the hard way and had to wait for Natan to bring me some food.

Don't forget to fill up the chest/s with stone swords for the next person

When someone's there, don't steal there exp, it's just not cool.

No... Really?
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Exp farming thing
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